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Lesson Plans.

Thoughts and resources. Both innovative and time-tested.

Three decades of experience in education have afforded me a positive lens on of some of the most effective approaches in supporting students, educators, and the larger school community. My time as a classroom teacher and athletics coach for 21 years, and 6 as a school leader in diverse settings, have driven my professional journey. Rooted in diversity, equity, and rigor, I will share many of my own philosophies, as well as those of other who I respect, in these posts.

My most recent contributions will always be on the top of those below.


Keep Learning.

This goes without saying, but 2020 has been a very difficult year. And as I write this, it is only June. Learned lessons from the past have been solidified and many new ways of thinking have been presented. One of the things I already knew was the importance to keep learning. I believe it is vital to living a happy and rewarding life. Participate in as much personal and professional development as you can get a hold of. Talk to people that make you see things in a different way. Ask questions that challenge your own beliefs.

"What Anti-racist Teachers Do Differently" from the June 17, 2020 from The Atlantic is a perfect read for educators, particularly white educators like myself, who seek to be a part of ending the systemic racism that exist in every part of society, in particular, in the classroom.


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